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Dragon Ball is popular all over the world, the pride of nation. Comics were serialized about 10 and half years. It has such an enormous popularity that it is of course made into anime, animation film and Hollywood live-action film. As you can see from the name of the central character Son Goku, this is in the motif of Saiyuki. But the element is used only for the name of central character, character design and early items.
There are various trivia since it was serialized for long and has enormous popularity. Among them, a trivia which I find insistent is Kuririn is the same age as Mr. Satan. Kuririn does not look as old as Mr. Satan. By the way, I hear Mr. Satan is a little weaker than Gorillaヽ(・∀・)ノ Mr. Satan is strong.

Let’s review the story once again. The story can be divided into 6 series: boyhood, Piccolo Daimao, Saiyans, Freeza, Androids and Cell and Majin Boo. The story develops around “Dragon Ball”. Dragon ball is a hidden treasure. When seven of them scattered around the world are gathered, any request is grated. Just like boy’s comic, “adventure”, “effort”, “battle” and “friendship” are depicted. This pattern is followed by One Piece which is the most popular comic now.

Personally, most favorite character is Hattyan (android number 8). He was a human before. He dislikes battle and is kind. He shared a confidence with Goku. But for the army which created him, he is a failure. He was almost destroyed by bombing. I cannot forget the scene since I watched it on first air. He is a kind android.

You may wonder which to buy since various items come on market. I say, whichever you buy, you can enjoy Dragon Ball’s view of the world. So, let’s buy a lot of items and enjoy!

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