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Digimon is originally a portable game released in 1997. At the time, visual pet Tamagotchi, which was also BANDAI product, became a social phenomenon. The concept of Digimon is a battle Tamagotchi for boys. Anime “Digimon Adventure” was started in 1999 and became a big hit. What I should mention here is the director of Digimon Adventure is Mamoru Hosoda. He created “The Girl Who Leapt through Time ‘2006 film” which became highly regarded from home and abroad, “Summer Wars” and “Wolf Children”, which box office is the sixth place in 2012. When I watch the movie of Digimon Adventure, I was so shocked that the quality of the anime is very high. Therefore, if you have seen only recent anime series, it worth watching Adventure.

Akira Toriyama who is an author of Dragon Ball was offered to design characters but he was too busy. Therefore, Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru was chosen as a character designer since he can draw illustrations similar with Akira Toriyama’s. Actually, Toriyama mistook Nakatsuru’s picture for his own picture when Nakatsuru designed characters of Dragon Ball GT. He designed characters of some Dragon Quest series and comics which editrial supervisor is Toriyama. Key animation of “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time ‘2006 film” and “Summer Wars”, I mentioned above, was by Nakatsuru.

There are many Digimon I like. Beelzemon is a great reassurance who help in a crunch. I want to see fusion of Beelzemon and Deputymon again. Shoutmon is cute, heated and a hard worker who live life to the extreme without being seen. SkullKnightmon is too cute! It is difficult to imagine he is a death knight Digimon. Nene and Sparrowmon make a good team. Sparrowmon workd hard for Nene. Sparrowmon is so cute. I like Knightmon from before but when Digimon Fusion started I like Knightmon more. I’m happy Knightmon played an active role such as saving Xros Heart from Arkadimon and did even fight against Gaiomon. I like Kiriha Aonuma when his hair is short.

My friends like Digimon Adventure very much and they made doujin letter paper and doujin novels. They like blond beg boy. So their favorite slash is Taichi×Yamato. Both Taichi×Yamato and Yamato×Taichi were very popular. Even now you can find many fan websites.

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