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“Fire Emblem” series is very popular TV game and has been released 14 titles since 1990. It is serialized but not all the titles are related to each other. However, basically the stories are set in meditative European fantasy world. Descendants of the braves and their army fight against enemies for peace. (`・ω・´)=3 Each and every title is standard but excellent, so I was really into it!!

It is important to remember that “Fire Emblem” series is a pioneer in “tactical role-playing games”. ( ゚ ∀ ゚ )=3 Players operate all characters not only main character but also all armies in combats. The combats are like a board game, and when you meet your objectives on each map, you beat a game. But…basically characters run out of power, they won’t be back to future stages or maps in this game series. All the characters have different appearances and abilities, so you will like specific characters gradually. Then if you have favorite characters, you don’t want them to die, do you? Depends on characters, “be defeated” means “death.” So, players have to make strategies but it’s the best part of “Fire Emblem” series!! This system lets players make battle plans seriously and players’ enthusiasms for story and characters are improved drastically( ゚ ∀ ゚ )=3. At least, I was so!!

Because of that system, I have many favorite characters through the series. (;^_^) Among the series, my best one is a heroine, Lilina from “Fire Emblem : The Binding Blade”. She’s been in love with a main character since they were children but her love isn’t received him at all… So, she’s been having a hard time. From this, it’s obvious that her character is quiet, calm and mild. However, she shows an unexpected side of her characters later. I followed her for a long time, so the gap she showed caught my heart. ( ゚ ∀ ゚ )=3

“Fire Emblem” series have very depthful story, game systems, and characters!!! So if you want to play and be immersed in a game, this is it. And there is an official website of “Fire Emblem” series. It is rare for Nintendo games to have an official site so why don’t you check it first?

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