【Announcement of the Results!】Anime Goods with Food Contest!


Mafuyu(^q^)/ :Hi Guys!!!!!! Thank you for waiting so long! Thank you all so so…. much for joining us!!!!


Mafuyu(^q^)/ : Here’s the announcement of the results of the Photo Contest PartⅡ,Anime Goods with Food Contest!!




【Announcement of the Results!】Anime Goods with Food Contest!



Mafuyu(^q^)/ :Just like the previous contest, so many people applied for the contest… Thank you so… much…!! It was such a hard decision for us to make since every photo looked so lovely and delicious…!!!


Mafuyu(^q^)/ :Okay now, let me announce the results! The brilliant Best Photo Award goes to…!!! THIS PHOTO!!!



★Best Photo Award 1 person


Contestant’s NameElisa

Title: ''a good read together''



A Comment from the Judges:

The best part of this photo is a perfect match of Haise, who is reading a book while drinking a cup of coffee, and his Nendoroid!! I bet Haise is happy surrounded by his favorite book and coffee~!!


Mafuyu(^q^)/ :It was such an impressive photo with a great overall balance, coloring and combination of the Anime Goods and the food! It looks exactly like an illustration! Elisa San, Congratulations on the Best Photo Award!!!




★Mafuyu Award 2 people


Contestant’s NameJan

Title: Strawberry party



A Comment from the Judges:

A display full of strawberries and small articles is so lovely! And they’re super detailed, which is excellent!!

It gives us a storyline, where Shu (having an artistic temperament) is holding a party! The photo and the characters match perfect!




Contestant’s Name: GeekyAngie

Title: Maji TOMATO Kingdom feat. Tokiya


A Comment from the Judges:

What a high-quality the home-made cookies are!!! This is just lovely!

The Kingdom Goods that decorate around the cookies, which associates with Maji Love Kingdom, are lovely too!

This is literally a Kingdom!! I wonder how these cookies taste…?!


Mafuyu(^q^)/ :Looking delicious and lovely…. These two are the perfect photos for Mafuyu Awards!! Jan-San, GeekyAngie-San, Congratulations!!!



★Photogenic Award 3 people


Contestant’s Name: Tempest

Title: Summer Refreshment



A Comment from the Judges:

Look at the Omanjuu Niginigi, who are on a drink that has Nico’s drawing, in a fine balance!! So cute!!I also liked the background, decorated with blue and white roses! They all are so special and lovely~!!




Contestant’s Name: Julian

Title: Detective Pikachu and His Coffee



A Comment from the Judges:

This is a perfect photo for Detective Pikachu, who loves coffee!! I watched the movie too!! The connection of Detective Pikachu and coffee is so important that this combination is excellent! The sweets along with the coffee look delicious too. We can tell that Pikachu is enjoying such a lovely teatime!




Contestant’s Name: Soda

Title: Happy Birthday Nagisa-kun!



A Comment from the Judges:

Nagisa is everywhere in this photo! This photo is full of cute and delicious-looking Nagisa, huh? The Ita-Bag is super cute too!! We also see Rei here and there, celebrating Nagisa’s birthday~!!




★Good Photo Award  4 people


Contestant’s Name: Clary

Title: Happy Birthday 🎉



A Comment from the Judges:

These two photos show us a story, celebrating his birthday!

Zoro, diving into the cake, is funny!




Contestant’s Name: Kelly

Title: Xiao Long Bao (Soup Dumplings) Party



A Comment from the Judges:

What a unique idea! The Goods whose motif is Xiao Long Bao, are surrounding the actual Xiao Long Bao, huh?

I bet everybody is enjoying eating them… It’s fun to imagine the story like that!




Contestant’s Name: Giuly

Title: "A Sweet Party with Ruby".



A Comment from the Judges:

This photo goes all pink, which is also Ruby’s theme color. Super cute!

The cake is so colorful and looks delicious! Full of lovely ideas of decorating, such as a fork with a ribbon!!




Contestant’s Name: Bettina

Title: "Victuuri is Sweet"



A Comment from the Judges:

Home-made cupcakes are so lovely! This photo made a collaboration of Yuri!!! on Ice and Sanrio perfect! I’ve heard that it took so much time to make all these… I’m sure there are a lot of love in this work!!



Mafuyu(^q^)/ :For those who shared your photos with us, thank you so so… much for all the lovely photos~!! It took us a lot of time to select the ones since every photo had delicious-looking food and cute Goods…! The ones below didn’t get awarded but they’re all the perfect collaborations of delicious-looking food and cute Goods too!!



What kind of contest are we going to hold next!? Look forward to that~!!


Already now, we’ll see you guys at the next Contest! Bye~!!


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