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Customers' Feedback ( 112 valued customers )

by K.S Female / United States March 26, 2017
Packaging was excellent!
by J Male / United States March 24, 2017
Fantastic packaging. It was well protected and easy to get to the product I ordered. Will shop from you guys again and will readily recommend to others too!
by H.P Female / United States March 24, 2017
The services provided by Goods Republic was amazing and the items I bought were in great shape for being "used". I am definitely coming back to shop here again.
by O Other / United States March 23, 2017
Very good service! They kept me informed on my packages and even notified me when my package had failed to deliver and was left in retention. THANK YOU GOODS REPUBLIC! I'll definitely order from this site again!
by J / Australia March 23, 2017
Cute! I bought this cup as a gift for a friend and it arrived safely and quickly. She loves it! Thankyou so much c:
by I.D / United States March 23, 2017
Great Item. Item looks great displayed on a wall. Fast shipping as-well.
by O / United States March 23, 2017
SO CUTE. My rubber strap arrived in perfect condition! Although there was a bit of trouble with delivery, (Which was a fault on my behalf anyways.) I still would highly recommend Goods Republic!
by A.P Female / United States March 21, 2017
I was so happy that I got some merch for a semi-decent price and with free shipping. I would recommend the use of this service.
by C Female / Australia March 18, 2017
Service is great. Communication is great. Shipping services are great. Good company and will continue to buy from. Thank you
by U Female / United States March 14, 2017
Amazing! The shipping was fast and the product was just as described.
by S / United States March 13, 2017
Product arrived in perfect condition. I bought the keychain as a gift for a friend and she loved it.
by T.M / Bosnia And Herzegovina March 10, 2017
Always happy to shop at Goods Republic. Thank you for offering these stickers at a great price. They've arrived in excellent condition and very quickly too!
by J.S / Austria March 10, 2017
Awesome. It really does come in an excellent condition despite being marked as "used". It was still in the original packaging and the quality of the bag itself is /very/ sturdy. Glad I still got around to grab this! I wouldn't have been able to get it anywhere else overseas. :)
by L / United States March 10, 2017
Best buy i've ever made.
by M / United States March 10, 2017
Excelent. I received it in excelent condition. Best Key chain ever :)
by S / Austria March 9, 2017
As always amazing. My friend was really happy to get her desired Jeje! Nice customer service, fast shipping and item arrived in perfect condition as well.
by K / United States March 9, 2017
Perfect! Came very nicely packaged and very fast! Thank you so much!
by D.S / Canada March 9, 2017
Great communication between your company and myself when I was having issues paying for the product.
by A.L Female / United States March 8, 2017
Very fast and very friendly.
by M.B / Germany March 5, 2017
The product is arrived. All was ok. Thank you very much and see you soon.
by C.B Female / France March 3, 2017
My package arrived in only 6 days
by S.B / United States March 2, 2017
Love it. Arrived very fast very impressed with the packaging and can't wait to use it with my upcoming costume of rin ^-^ I can't wait to order again from this site.
by H / United States March 2, 2017
Great condition and shipping speed. I am very pleased with my order. For being a 'used' item it is in perfect condition. It was packaged with lots of care and the shipping speed was fast and affordable.
by D.M Female / United States Feb. 25, 2017
I absolutely appreciate the care in your packaging of the item I bought. I feel that I can trust you completely even without a tracking number.
by M.L Female / United States Feb. 25, 2017
by A.G Female / United States Feb. 23, 2017
by K.H / United States Feb. 22, 2017
Perfect condition and fast delivery, I love ordering from here!
by D.M Other / United States Feb. 22, 2017
by D.A Female / Philippines Feb. 21, 2017
received my order so fast items are good as new excellent packing will come back again to buy other stuffs.
by Y / Philippines Feb. 19, 2017
Great Quality. Good as new will be back to buy more soon
by J / United States Feb. 17, 2017
Got the item quickly. I'm going to pin it to my Ita-bag I also got from GoodsRepublic.
by D.G Male / Germany Feb. 17, 2017
Im really happy to find items in this shop i normaly couldn't buy at all. The items i bought were fast shipped in very good shape and good packed
by C Male / United States Feb. 15, 2017
Extremely quick and well packaged! The price was competitive and the website is great - it's very easy to navigate and the listed suggestions are perfect. I really enjoyed using your website!
by G.L Male / Canada Feb. 10, 2017
by K.H / United States Feb. 8, 2017
Everything was perfect and in such great condition! I'm so happy to have received this and look forward to ordering more from here!
by S.B Female / United States Feb. 8, 2017
Really great! Every thing came safe and packaged really well.
by S / Austria Feb. 8, 2017
Amazing Services! I absolutely love the services Goodsrepublic offers! It arrived fast, in awesome condition and the staff is super friendly too! 10/10!
by K.N Female / United States Feb. 8, 2017
Everything was perfect! Thank you! My item was received in one piece.
by H / United States Feb. 1, 2017
I've been shopping with goods/otakurepublic, for long time and I'm glad I came back to find this item on their site. The item came fairly fast and wrapped up carefully, I still need to find some batteries for it but it's didn't come damaged or anything!!! I'm glad to have come back to an incredible website with A+ customer service! Thanks again!
by C / United States Jan. 31, 2017
He shipped much faster then I thought! The plush was much larger then I thought it would be as well , but he's super soft and in perfect condition!
by P / Finland Jan. 30, 2017
The service is perfect! The items are in great condition and shipped out fast.
by A.E / United States Jan. 29, 2017
The item was awesome and shipped in a reasonable time. I would definitely recommend buying from this website!
by B.L Female / United States Jan. 29, 2017
Arrived one week and one day after it sshipped. Excellent services.
by S.B Female / United States Jan. 28, 2017
I love this website so much!! Every thing came safe and packaged great!! The prices are extremely reasonable I will definitely be buying again!! Thank you :D
by S.W Female / United States Jan. 28, 2017
arrived on time
by J Female / United States Jan. 27, 2017
I absolutely love shopping with Goods Republic and Otaku Republic <3 The doujinshi are priced so well that I always want to buy a lot! Now that Goods Republic has prices that matches ebay [or cheaper] I just want to shop here instead. I love the notes and occasional gifts I receive with my order. The packaging is superb! This has been my go to shop for goods
by H.S Female / Germany Jan. 27, 2017
product is in a good quality fast and safe delivery caring service nice staff
by M / Brazil Jan. 26, 2017
Marvelous! Great quality and such a fast delivery!! Everything arrived just great and perfect thank you so much.
by H.S / Germany Jan. 26, 2017
really good. fast delivery, no problems with the office of exchange, product is in a good quality and was packed & sent really carefully ^-^ will probably order something again soon!
by G.V Male / Canada Jan. 25, 2017
The delivery took as much time as I expected and there were no damage or any problem with the package. Just waiting for the barioth plushie that I reserved.