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Customers' Feedback ( 62 valued customers )

by E Female / United States Jan. 24, 2017
by C.D / Germany Jan. 23, 2017
by N.W Other / United States Jan. 21, 2017
by S.M Female / United States Jan. 17, 2017
packaged very well item was in good condition.
by P / Finland Jan. 17, 2017
The items were in an excellent condition and they arrived quickly. Everything was perfect!
by M.C Female / Singapore Jan. 16, 2017
I received the parcel and goods in good condition! I really like that the tape used is strong yet it cuts very easily makes it a lot easier to open. The goods were packaged individually with extra protection using the bubble-wrap. The delivery was also very fast. It arrived within 3 days after they shipped it out. I also like the letter with the package as well I can feel the love for anime and the care to the customers. Would definitely buy from Goods Republic again when I have the chance!
by T Female / United States Jan. 16, 2017
by J.T Female / Canada Jan. 14, 2017
by N Male / Malaysia Jan. 13, 2017
Good services and very satisfactory
by C.B Female / France Jan. 11, 2017
by A.L Female / United States Jan. 10, 2017
It is very satisfactory I will continue to use your services.
by T.N Female / United States Jan. 9, 2017
Amazing packaging and very fast shipping! Thank you!
by Y.A / United Kingdom Jan. 7, 2017
great quality. it arrived perfect with no defect. will definately buy again!
by E Female / United States Jan. 6, 2017
wonderful nothing could be better!
by D Female / United States Jan. 6, 2017
Always punctual and with a perfect service! Thank you so much!!
by R Female / United States Jan. 6, 2017
Great service as always
by K Female / United Kingdom Dec. 28, 2016
I'm very happy that order came well packed and on time so nothing is broken and everything is in very good condition! Keep it up!!!
by L.B Female / United States Dec. 28, 2016
Its really good service
by L / United States Dec. 26, 2016
The item arrived very fast for me! I was so surprised to get it so soon! It was in a perfect condition when I got it, it doesn't seem to be used at all! I love collecting Ai-Ai's merchandise so much and I will be using this pouch soon! I will buy from this website again! :)
by M.L Female / United States Dec. 26, 2016
by K Female / United States Dec. 21, 2016
Very fast shipping. The package was nicely packed.
by B.B Female / United Kingdom Dec. 21, 2016
by P.C Female / United States Dec. 21, 2016
Perfect reliable and very helpful service. Thanks!
by M Female / United States Dec. 17, 2016
Very quick delivery and the package arrived wrapped perfectly to protect the contents inside thank you so much!
by J.B / Germany Dec. 14, 2016
Good service, thank u! <3
by S.Q Female / United States Dec. 14, 2016
You guys are just the best! Otaku republic is best for doujinshi and Goods republic is heaven for merchandise! I have found so many things I have been looking for for months way cheaper here then any other sites! You guys are kind the service is amazing you have a huge range of products and even do custom orders! The items are always packaged with great care and usually come with a gift too! What's not to love? YOU GUYS ROCK!
by C / United States Dec. 14, 2016
by R / United States Dec. 14, 2016
i love it. great quality for a used item, i really love it!
by D.L Male / United States Dec. 13, 2016
The service was terrific!
by S.C Female / United States Dec. 11, 2016
I liked how you shipped with the products from Otaku Republic and not necessarily separated :) Thank you for the great service!
by M.C Female / United Kingdom Dec. 8, 2016
Thanks you. Easy to order from and item sent in secure package.
by L Female / United States Dec. 8, 2016
It's quite good. I am happy that you offer your site in English for I am not proficient in Japanese.
by R.G Male / United States Dec. 7, 2016
by S.G Female / Netherlands Dec. 7, 2016
You guys are great! We had some misunderstanding situation with my first purchase but it was resolved quickly and nicely. Also fast shipping! I was very satisfied shopping here.
by M.F Male / Italy Dec. 7, 2016
by L.S Female / United States Dec. 7, 2016
The items were in perfect conditions as usual.
by H.S Female / United States Dec. 6, 2016
Website easy to navigate. Delivery was fast. Packaging was perfect. Would definitely buy from again.
by O.G Female / Germany Dec. 6, 2016
I was pleasantly surprised by the quick services. I received the order significantly faster than I expected and I am very pleased by this. I would definitely order again.
by M.M Female / United States Dec. 5, 2016
Great service everything was packaged nicely. No complaints.
by J.S Female / United States Dec. 5, 2016
Excellent service! Shipped quickly and combined two orders one of which was a requested item that was met with a fast reply!
by K.D Female / Canada Dec. 5, 2016
Prompt excellent service.
by J.R Male / United States Dec. 4, 2016
No complaints. Shipment was fast products arrived very safely packed and without blemishes and the service was excellent. All around very satisfied.
by L.P Female / Canada Dec. 4, 2016
Very satisfied with my purchases! The people working here are kind and respond to inquiries quite quickly. The package also arrived quickly and packaged well.
by R Female / United States Dec. 4, 2016
Fast shipping with extra protection. Absolutely great service =)
by D Male / Thailand Dec. 3, 2016
Good package. I like it
by K.D Female / Canada Dec. 3, 2016
Thank you! I really love your shop, it is fantastic!
by K.P Male / Poland Dec. 3, 2016
Delivered fast and in perfect condition. I'm very pleased with the service provided.
by J.F / United States Dec. 3, 2016
I loved it
by B.M Male / United States Dec. 3, 2016
The condition of the product was excellent. No creases or folds until I actually opened it.
by T.W Female / United States Dec. 2, 2016
Dealing with you has been excellent and I hope to continue to deal with you all in the future!