Customers' Feedback ( 196 valued customers )

by A.D Male / Russia June 22, 2017
Everything was perfectly packed and I would appreciate an excellent communication with the customer(me).
by H.T Female / United States June 21, 2017
You guys do an amazing job with packing of items and delivery.
by H / United States June 20, 2017
Great condition and packed up very well.
by M.C Female / United States June 19, 2017
by A / Canada June 19, 2017
item arrived in perfect condition
by P / United States June 19, 2017
I was especially pleased with the service Goods Republic provided. The shipping was (because of the price of this figure) free, and delivered to me incredibly fast! I wasn't expecting this to come for another month or maybe two but it arrived today, super safely packaged and marked as a gift so that I didn't have to pay for customs. I couldn't be happier with my order!! If i look for a specific figure in the future i will definitely check Goods Republic first!
by V / United States June 19, 2017
Perfect! My order arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. My items were packaged very safely. Thank you very much!
by M / United States June 18, 2017
Came perfectly packaged and all!
by A.T / Cambodia June 18, 2017
Packaging was EXCELLENT, and I am so happy you put so much care into the packaging and how he was transported! Very fair price considering how rare he is, amazingly fast shipping, excellent customer service. You guys give me all the reasons to be your forever customer! I literally have no complaints!!!
by H / France June 18, 2017
perfect ! very good !!!!
by Y.G / United States June 18, 2017
It was perfect! The delivery was very very fast and the box wasn't bent! Thanks!
by N.O / United States June 18, 2017
Excellent Customer Service! When my package originally arrived, I was sent the wrong item. After contacting Goods Republic and explaining the situation, I was given a quick response that my item will be shipped again and that there was no need for me to return the incorrect item (they let me keep it!). The second shipment arrived on time and in pristine condition and I was able to set up my Ohara Mari shrine in time to celebrate her June 13 birthday! I recommend all my friends to shop here at Goods Republic. Their customer service is the best!
by V.V / United States June 17, 2017
Perfect. Everything was in good condition and well packed. Thank you.
by R / Canada June 17, 2017
Absolutely Satisfied! The wristband came with its original packaging and looked like a new item. I enjoy wearing it and was very satisfied by the great packaging job done by the staffs. Two thumbs up!
by Y / United States June 17, 2017
My keychains arrived safely today and they are in great condition! Thank you! I will be shopping here again.
by K.K / Canada June 16, 2017
Amazing!!!! Everything was authentic and in great condition. Shipping was free and super fast. Customer service is 10/10. I am super happy with this purchase, and I definitely plan on continuing to buy from this site!
by C.T / United States June 16, 2017
The shipping was very fast! The item itself was secured with bubble wrap, had absolutely no scratches and chips. Great quality on the art!
by A.P / Peru June 16, 2017
Very satisfied. I received the product in perfect conditions :D. The packaging was thoughtful and the care was obvious. I'm more than happy with my beautiful purchase! Thank you, staff ^^.
by J / United States June 15, 2017
I just love that goods republic take the time to carefully package every item and they offer such fast shipping!
by C.S / Peru June 15, 2017
Arrived on time and safely! Thank you, the product arrived safely, I'm happy :)
by T Male / United States June 15, 2017
by E.H Male / Chile June 15, 2017
i loved the way you packed the keychain and the card was a nice touch. please keep up the good work
by S.J Female / United Kingdom June 13, 2017
First time buyer and I had amazing service! They let me know exactly what was happening to my order in really cutely written emails! Delivery was super fast to the UK and it was securely packaged! Definitely going to buy from Goods Republic again!! :D
by M.G Female / Austria June 12, 2017
My order arrived really fast and save the product is exactly what I wanted. I'm very happy with my purchase and will shop again and recommend this to my friends. Good Job keep going like this!
by P / Finland June 11, 2017
The service is excellent! The items are always securely packed and shipped out quickly.
by A Female / Cambodia June 11, 2017
Everything arrived perfectly!!! You guys were not kidding when you said Makoto (Alter) is in excellent condition because he is! He is literally like new. Just a bit of dust inside the jacket behind his neck but nothing a bit of brushing away didn't fix. Packaging was EXCELLENT and I am so happy you put so much care into the packaging and how he was transported! Very fair price considering how rare he is amazingly fast shipping excellent customer service. You guys give me all the reasons to be your forever customer! I literally have no complaints!!!
by A Female / United Kingdom June 10, 2017
Everything arrived quickly and was packaged very well. Thank you for putting so much care into everything.I'm very happy with my order.
by A.H Female / United States June 9, 2017
Products are in great condition. Packaging was great tracking was great. Letter was cute. Can't wait to shop again.
by M.B Female / Switzerland June 7, 2017
This was my first time ordering from GoodsRepublic (although I've been a customer of their sister site OtakuRepublic for a long time) and I'm very satisfied with my purchase! Items were perfectly packaged and arrived very quickly. Thank you!
by S.T Female / Australia June 7, 2017
Good packaging and fast arrival!
by S.C Female / United States June 7, 2017
I am very pleased with your services! My order came quickly packaged perfectly and exactly as described on your website. The care shown through the packaging and notes inside is evident and I will definitely purchase from Goods Republic again!
by K.M. Female / Canada June 2, 2017
Great service! Lots of rare items for reasonable prices. Offers fast free worldwide shipping. Customer service is 10/10. So far I highly recommend this site!
by A.P Female / Peru June 1, 2017
The care put in the packaging is outstanding as well the thoughtful customer service.
by L Female / United States May 30, 2017
by A.V Male / United States May 30, 2017
Wonderful experience! Your packaging is perfect. My items arrived quickly and safely. Thank you
by K.B Male / United States May 29, 2017
Excellent service would buy again. Finally a website that has free shipping for everything I buy anime related.
by G Female / Brazil May 24, 2017
I absolutely loved buying things from here. Everything came in perfect condition (even the used products) there wasn't any damage in the package as well. The shipping was super fast too. The service is admirable they're worried about the costumers and actually care about the things you order and take care that none of them will arrive damaged. It's fantastic. I'll definitely recommend Goods Republic to my friends and anyone who needs to buy anime merch.
by K.L Female / United States May 23, 2017
Shipping is faster than expected and the item is packaged very well. Thank you so much!
by D.M Female / United States May 23, 2017
by C.R / United States May 20, 2017
Goods always arrive safely and are packaged perfectly! I hope all of the staff are having a good weekend! (●´∀`●)
by T / Canada May 20, 2017
The items were in excellent condition packaged neatly and delivered fast!
by L.T Other / Mauritius May 20, 2017
I'm very happy with the service at goodsrepublic. Since it's my first time here compared to otakurepublic I'd say that the price is different. Nevertheless thank you to the team for their hard work!
by E.E Female / Canada May 19, 2017
The website is easy to navigate considering the need to work in Japanese and English (the website handles English search terms as well or better than similar search engines). The suggestions for other items works well (I was always shown a good selection). The pictures are usually good. For things like plushies it would be better to have an actual photo (not stock photo). All the items I received in this order were PERFECT. The packing and packaging were excellent. The priority shipping for orders over $80 is a good incentive to buy more! Also thank you for the small gift you sent I am very happy with it! (I think it was easy to tell that I like Saitou Hajime (Hakuoki) a lot!) I also like the way that you follow up your orders with an email. That is good service. Thank you again and I am very happy with my items and the whole service.
by K.G / United States May 19, 2017
by E Female / Spain May 13, 2017
First time purchasing on this site and I'm very happy with the services and fast shipping.
by C.M / Canada May 11, 2017
As a collector of cute Osomatsu goods, I was so happy to see this cup that I've wanted for a while on goodsrepublic for a pretty good price! This cup came quickly and in excellent condition after I was able to requested a restock. It's super adorable and great for storing pens and pencils, but it could just as easily be for toothbrushes or for drinking from. Thank you so much for delivering this safely and quickly!
by N / United States May 11, 2017
It's so cute and it came super fast. Really happy with purches.
by A.V / United States May 11, 2017
As usual, Goods Republic has provided me with a top notch product! It was previously sold out but Goods Republic accepted my request to restock the item. The Persona 5 glasses arrived in excellent condition and fit will on my face. It has a very sleek design and the Phantom Thieves logo looks bad-ass. I'm almost tempted to get a second pair as a back up.
by M.S / Portugal May 11, 2017
I'm so happy with my item, the shipping was super fast, the cushion was really protected, the packaging was absolutely safe ! I'm sure i'm going to buy from this shop again ^^ I highly recommend this shop :D Thank you so much ~
by R.D / Australia May 5, 2017
10/10. Great to deal with. Prompt delivery & well packaged. Arrived in excellent condition. Would use again :)