【2020 Summer Anime】Is This Love for Work? Or a True Love? Let’s Check Out Now-HOT Anime, Rend-A-Girlfriend!

Hi guys! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!
The title I’ll be featuring today is one of the most featured love comedy titles among all the 2020 Summer Anime!!
So…… You guys, what kind of situation would you imagine when your love relationship starts?
Just happens to start? Or maybe you start being conscious about him/her as a romantic individual all of a sudden even though you hang out together all the time?
But you know what? Maybe it starts having a romantic relationship when you “rent” someone~?

【2020 Summer Anime】
Is This Love for Work? Or a True Love?
Let’s Check Out Now-HOT Anime, Rend-A-Girlfriend!

What Is Kanojo, Okarishimasu (Rent-A-Girlfriend) ?

It’s a Japanese manga series, serialized in WEEKLY SHONEN MAGAZINE since 2017.
Its comics are already sold over 5,000,000 and it has been compiled into sixteen volumes as of September 2020. Right after it started being serialized, it has gradually been popular and famous and even so many Japanese celebrities or influencers got into it and shared it through nationwide as “one of the most awesome manga which I want to read more!”
Its Anime has now been airing as one of the 2020 Summer Anime, which is making it even more popular.
Let me make it short! It’s a love comedy, which has been going viral in summer 2020! The theme of this title is “Rent-A-Girlfriend”! The best part about this title is this theme~!

Outline of Kanojo, Okarishimasu (Rent-A-Girlfriend) !

The main protagonist, Kinoshita Kazuya, is a 20-year-old, 1st year college student. (After graduating from high school, he spent a year preparing for the entrance exam.) As soon as the new semester starts, he gets a girlfriend and starts his ideal college life happily.
However, he is dumped by the girlfriend (who was his very first girlfriend in life) after dating for a month.
Just like that…… Kazuya gets hurt so badly from it. It happened so suddenly that he really regrets since he couldn’t do anything a boyfriend would do to her.
I want a girlfriend…… I want a girlfriend…… Any girl is okay…… I want one so bad……!!
Then he finds the ads on a website.
“You can spend a dream-like time with a celebrity who belongs to the agent!
What’s more? You can pick one too! Why don’t you go on a date for one hour for 5,000 yen?”
That’s, what we call, a “Rent-A-Girlfriend” service. It’s the service, where you can spend time with a celebrity girl, going on a date or taking a walk…… whatever she likes to do.
Not thinking too seriously, Kazuya picked a “Rent-A-Girlfriend”……
He is sure that he will end up seeing an ugly girl, which never looks like the profile picture…… (Wow, that’s rude to say……)
However, the “Rent-A-Girlfriend”, who he picked, is a super cute, clean, tidy and mature girl.
Her name is Chizuru.
He pays her money and they go to the aquarium together and on the way back home, they hold their hands once. If I have a girlfriend, I would be spending this kind of time, huh……
Yes, Kazuya was surely able to spend a happy time. However……
He gets mad when he finds out that everything she did for him such as giving him all the heartwarming words or holding hands on the way back home…… was a fake “just to make his heart thump!” The “Rent-A-Girlfriend” is such a stupid idea, which just fools around men! So he gives her a low rating; only “One ★” with such a bad comment.
Kazuya somehow sees her again…… And…… Chizuru seemed to have learned from the first date and fixed what he didn’t like, so he can be pleased this time! Her courageous attitude makes Kazuya in vain.
“Why do you give your all to me? You will never see me again after this, right? We’ll break up right away! It’s all in vain no matter how much you care about me!”
Then Chizuru runs to somewhere nobody is around, holding his hands and dragging him, who is crying and screaming in the aquarium.
“I’m a ‘Rent-A-Girlfriend’, alright? That is our deal! You’re the one who applied for this service! You agreed with the terms of service and clicked the button, right!? Are you trying to obstruct our business? Do it somewhere else, alright? This is so crazy! Dang it!”
That’s Chizuru’s true color.
She speaks out her opinions. She makes efforts so she can play the role, which partner will like. This time is not the exception, either. She has learned a lot so she can play Kazuya’s “ideal girlfriend” but…… Kazuya regrets having forgotten that it was himself that started using the “Rent-A-Girlfriend” service, from his own trauma.
Meanwhile, Kazuya gets a phone call……
It’s from his parents, saying his grandmother fell down all of a sudden and just sent to the hospital!
Running to the hospital, fortunately, his grandmother is conscious, looking fine.
Kazuya feels relieved but…… Due to the limited time, Chizuru has also come along. Of course, his grandmother asks him.
“Is that your girlfriend, Kazuya?”
Chizuru answers with a smile on her face.
“Yes, I’m his girlfriend.”
He really thanks her at that moment because he knows that she did it so I don’t have to be embarrassed in front of his family members. And…… his grandmother even starts to cry because she is happy that he’s finally got a girlfriend. Oh My God…… He feels terribly sorry……
What’s worse? His grandmother is so happy that she starts to walk around the hospital and tell all her friends that he’s got a girlfriend! And guess what? Chizuru’s grandmother is one of them too……!!
Not only to his own grandmother but I will lie also to Chizuru’s family……! Kazuya is going to tell the truth, bowing, when Chizuru stops him again.
Chizuru still says that she is his girlfriend. That’s how perfect she plays a role as his “girlfriend”.
On the way back home, Kazuya expresses his appreciation to her.
And he confesses to her that he applied to the service “Rent-A-Girlfriend” because he had trauma and because he was so lonely.
“There is noone who is not lonely. People just hide their feelings. They all fill in the empty space in their heart with work or boyfriend or girlfriend.”
Chizuru goes on. That’s why we need a service “Rent-A-Girlfriend”. That’s what I’m here for, to make them feel happy.
“Just call me whenever you feel lonely, okay? No more trouble like today, though!”
After they understand with each other, they say farewell.
Then Chizuru smiles at the comment and rating she’s got on that day……
Going though what happened with Chizuru, Kazuya is now serious about getting a real girlfriend so he can introduce her to his family!
However, who he saw at college is……!!!
Guess what? It was Chizuru, off the shift, spending at college as a normal college student!!!
That’s how he met the “Rent-A-Girlfriend”!
Besides Chizuru-Chan we shared today, more and more cute girlfriends, having various circumstances, will appear too!

Sarashina Ruka


Sakurasawa Sumi

She is not officially the “Rent-A-Girlfriend” but she will be positively be involved with Kazuya!

Nanami Mami

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Oki-doki! This is all for today! I’ll see you guys at the next article!

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