【Tokyo Revengers】Part 2: “Bloody Halloween Arc” Now on Air! Let’s Review Part 1’s Outline and Chara in FIVE Minutes!

※ Please note that this article contains some spoilers of anime series’ Episode 1 to 12 (a little after Episode 13 too). Please be aware.
Hi, guys!! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!!
About summer 2021 anime…… which just started this month. It’s so important to check out the brand-new series but so many sequels from the spring anime, which stared to air in April, are airing too!
Among them, one of the most featured series is…… definitely this one!!
The storyline will become more serious in this part and more and more popular characters will be appearing too! The episodes, which will be the center of the story, are now starting!!

【Tokyo Revengers】
Part 2: “Bloody Halloween Arc” Now on Air!
Let’s Review Part 1’s Outline and Chara in FIVE Minutes!


Before Sharing Bloody Halloween Arc……
What is Tokyo Revengers Itself?

Tokyo Revengers is a Japanese manga series based on suspense×action, serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine.
Hanagaki Takemichi Merch
The story is set in the modern world. Hanagaki Takemichi, a 26-year-old part-time worker, finds out from TV news that Tachibana Hinata who is his ex-girlfriend from high school, was murdered. He also finds out that she was murdered, involved with Tokyo Manji Gang’s conflict…… Takemichi is going to his part-time job, feeling shocked at the news, when he is pushed down by someone from behind to the platform, where the train is coming right at him.
The next time he wakes up, Takemichi finds himself in his junior high school days, which is actually a turning point in his life.
Takemichi, who was somehow targeted by Tokyo Manji Gang, when he was in junior high school, just ran away, leaving everything behind. Everything such as his friends and even a then-girlfriend, Hina……
Tachibana Naoto Merch
He first thinks that it is flashing before he dies but the situation is the worst and so real……
He sees Hina, who is alive, and feels overwhelmed, knowing he is actually useless.
One day, he saves one boy, being involved with a delinquent. The boy is Hina’s younger brother, Naoto. Takemichi tells Naoto that he and his sister, Hina, will die 12 years from that day. Naoto accepts what he says seriously, saying that he will never forget his advice and will surely save his sister……!
After they shook their hands, Takemichi “wakes up.”
Guess what? He’s back to the “modern world” after 12 years. It looks like there is someone who has saved him by the bell, who was pushed down to the platform.
Which was…… Naoto, who has grown up.
Naoto, who accepted Takemichi’s advice, now becomes a police officer after he desperately studied to save Hina. And the fatal day comes along…… however, he could not change the fate, where Hina dies……
Then the two decide to try to change the future, where Hina dies.
While Naoto investigates various info about “Tokyo Manji Gang” as the police officer, Takemichi tries to change the past a little by little by traveling through time.
Everything is caused by “Tokyo Manji Gang.”
“Tokyo Manji Gang” was formed when Sano Manjirou and Kisaki Tetta met.
Sano Manjirou Merch
Kisaki Tetta Merch
So Takemichi now tries to travel into the past again to avoid them meeting. And…… did it go well……?
So the main character, Takemichi, tries to change “Tokyo Manji Gang,” which affects future of so many people, by traveling back and forth through time!

Well, then what is the “Bloody Halloween Arc”?

After he travels into the past four times, he is able to change the future of the members of Tokyo Manji Gang, which turns out to be a criminal organization in the future, by avoiding Sano Manjirou and Kisaki Tetta meeting, saving Ryuuguuji Ken’s life and avoiding the conflict between Tokyo Manji Gang and its rival organization, Mobius……
Ryuuguuji Ken Merch
However, even after the fourth travel, he is not able to change the future, where Hina dies. What’s worse? Although he is able to reach the future, where Hina’s alive at the fourth travel, Hina is murdered right in front of him.
The death is again caused by Tokyo Manji Gang. Takemichi, realizing that he has to change the organization from the root, decides to become the leader of Tokyo Manji Gang.
While he’s determined to do that, the organization called Valhalla, Tokyo Manji Gang’s rival, starts to gain momentum.
In the modern world, once Tokyo Manji Gang is defeated by Valhalla, Tokyo Manji Gang’ crimes increase even more. The “Bloody Halloween” refers to the fight happened by these two organizations, Valhalla and Tokyo Manji Gang. How is Takemichi going to avoid this big fight……?
Since Valhalla is an anti-organization of Tokyo Manji Gang, some of the members used to be the members of Tokyo Manji Gang or others hold a grudge against the current members of Tokyo Manji Gang…… It’s gonna be so cruel! You gotta be ready for that……!!
Baji Keisuke Merch
Hanemiya Kazutora Merch
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Since Part 2 really heats up, watching Part 1 is a “MUST”! If you are curious, watch all the way from Episode 1!!
Oki-doki! This is all for today! I’ll see you guys at the next article~!!

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