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Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) is a ‘superhero action’ anime which currently has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump! If you are an anime-lover, especially a hero-action-story, full of endeavor, friendship, triumph, this is the one!

The scene of the story is laid in the world where people have some kinds of superpowers and “Quirks” (individuals)! Most people there have various innate superpowers such as manipulating gravity, producing fire or becoming invisible men. But the problem is that there are also some Viran (villains), who abuse Quirks and commit crimes, using such superpowers. Then a training school to become heroes, called U.A. High School (Yūei Kōkō), is founded. Here, some brave students, who are the main characters of this anime, fight against such Viran!

... But here’s a problem. One of the main characters, Midoriya Izuku, is, what is called, Quirkless, who wasn’t endowed with the Quirk. (About 20% of the population in the world are said to be living without Quirks and it’s also rare for young people to have no Quirks.) Even though Izuku is usually cowardly, when he sees someone who’s in need, he actually shows a strong sense of justice, saving them. He’s always wanted to be a hero since he was little and ends up applying for U.A. High School (Yūei Kōkō) to make that dream come true.

Contrary to his expectation, he has been teased by people around him and they even made the nickname ‘Deku’ (‘useless’ in Japanese) for him. Not only can he not become a hero, but he also cannot be selected to U.A. High School. But he can never give up on his dream to become a hero.

... Mom. Can you imagine? They save anybody who’s in need with a smile... So cool, huh? I wish I could be a hero...

Guess how he’s finally going to be a hero! You wanna know? Then, go check the first episode of anime or manga! I personally recommend that you should read manga first so that you’ll be able to feel more real and lively when you actually watch a battle scene in anime!!!

(人´∀`) The biggest attraction of this story, though, is a confrontation between ‘Justice and Evil’! You’ll see all the characters with various superpowers and ideas fight with each other! What is Justice to you? What is Evil to you? What is a hero to you? Even though we all have different ways of thinking, we equally have strong minds that ‘we want to save loved ones’ at the end of the day!

Gag, tear, battle and friendship...! I promise that this newly-animated story this spring will definitely refresh you! Now, go check it out!!

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