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“The Prince of Tennis” is a manga about a junior high school tennis team. This manga is super popular, so it has been adopted into anime, video games, and even musicals. The story is about Ryoma Echizen who is an excellent tennis player attends Seishun Academy and its tennis team. The team is very famous for strong tennis. Ryoma and his team mates participate in team competitions and aim to be the top of the national tournament!! The center of this story is relationships with team mates and rivals, so there is no individual match. Isn’t it interesting? (´v`)=3 And a sequel to this manga, “New Prince of Tennis” the story of after days of them is written.

There are many attractive points of this manga, but I think the individual characters are the most attractive point. (`・ω・´)=3 Not only team mates, but also rivals meet at tournaments are individual too!! Cool, passionate, arrogant, and shallow…many characteristics are shown, but in matches, they all play tennis so serious. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. (´v`)=3 As I said, bonds of friendships are noteworthy points!!

The center of this manga is characters, and my favorite one is Kunimitsu Tezuka who is a captain of tennis team of Seishun Academy. (´v`)=3 Tezuka is famous for his top level tennis techniques so everyone who plays tennis in junior high school knows him. And he often plays a roll of preach and takes care of team members. Ryoma has been interested in only win games until Tezuka preaches him. That scene was very touching. (* `・ω・´) Also, Tezuka himself suffers from injury and rivals, then gets over it. So there is another way to enjoy this manga as he is not just a senior character but a protagonist. (´v`)=3

In “The Prince of Tennis” sharpen tricks come out one after another, and it’s very classic sports manga in Weekly Shone Jump. So you can enjoy heated matches and friendships of sophisticated characters and many more contents. “The Prince of Tennis” has many female fans, so character goods are always ranked in top sales. Of course not only females but males also can enjoy and feel passion, and be into this manga, so recommend you to try to read without biases. (`・ω・´)=3

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