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“FINAL FANTASY” series are role-playing video games developed by Square Enix (formerly Square). “FF” series are as famous as “Dragon Quest” series and leads Japanese RPG, so “FF” series are widely known. (`・ω・´)=3

“FF” series has been serialized, and not only serialized titles have been released. Basically not all the titles are related to each other except some world-views. So I cannot explain the stories in a word. (;^_^) However, its spectacular world-views are in common through the series. In this series, all protagonists start on journeys for some reasons and put themselves into situations like influencing the future of the world during fight against enemies. Massive scale, beautiful design and graphic of the story make “FF” as if blockbuster movie. I felt like watching many films because of the quality. (`・ω・´)=3 I often held a game controller very tight unintentionally and “FF” series is pretty much breathtaking story!!

There are many attractive characters. More than 10 serialized titles are published, so I was attracted by a lot of characters. (;^_^) Among them, I put Squall who is a main character from FINAL FANTASY Ⅷ at the top of attractive characters’ list. He goes to military academy and is calm, cool, and excellent like no other. However, it is difficult for Squall to be friendly with others because of past traumatic events, so he is lonely… Since I knew he is not just cool, his trauma makes him cool, so I was sorry for him… But, Squall changes his feelings little by little after meeting with a heroine, Rinoa. (`・ω・´)=3 I was sad for his loneliness, so when I felt his change, I was filled up with great joy!!

As I said before, “FF” series is massive scale and has many stories so I cannot explain everything here. (;^_^) However, that means “FF” series holds enormous potentialities such as deep contents and great popularity. So if you want to play and be immersed in the game, this is it. I highly recommend you to play this series at least once!!

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