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Izumi Iori / Nikaidou Yamato / Izumi Mitsuki / Yotsuba Tamaki / Ousaka Sougo / Rokuya Nagi / Nanase Riku /

Yaotome Gaku / Kujou Ten / Tsunashi Ryuunosuke /

Momo /Yuki /

Isumi Haruka / Inumaru Touma / Mido Torao /Natsume Minami /

IDOLiSH7 is a game application for smartphones which started to publish in 2015.

The player becomes manager of an idol group “IDOLiSH7” at her father’s production office. In this story, the player will gather the 7 idols to one, and aim the goal to become top idols!!

The main personalities in the game are the 7 members of IDOLiSH and 3 boys of TRIGGER, a rival team.

In this game, characteristic members train to their own goals.

A popular manga drawer, Tanemura Arina designed the personalities, so it was talked by everybody when it was released.

Maybe you may think “idol training game again?” “rhythm game again?”. I thought so too when it was released.

Although after playing, IDOLiSH7 had its own attractive points, and I became crazy about the game.

Especially, the story which you can read when you have a higher level is interesting.

Each boys of the game has his own « reason why he has to be a top idol ». It may be for his separated parents, for his dream or for his pride, etc.

Each of them has a passion to become a top idol, so even when they battle against, they aim the same goal.

You should be moved by them, when those seven train together aiming the same goal and have a stronger relationship.

My favorite is Izumi Mitsuki-kun of IDOLiSH7.

He is active, forward-looking and cute in his appearance, but actually is manly, a man to count on, and like a big brother!

As he is short, he didn’t have a chance to become an idol, but he has always wanted to become an idol since he was little, and he makes efforts.

Mitsuki-kun has a cute aspect and a cool aspect, and I started to love him when he said

“If you make only a bit effort and succeed only a bit, you will be happy only a bit. Then, I rather prefer to do my best and succeed at my best and be the most happiest, because it will feel better!”

Since then, I want to cheer Mitsuki-kun up to become a top idol from the bottom of my heart.

There are other maxims in IDOLiSH7, so you should be moved by them.

Please play IDOLiSH7!

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/ Izumi Mitsuki / Nikaidou Yamato / Izumi Iori / Rokuya Nagi / Nanase Riku / Yotsuba Tamaki / Ousaka Sougo / Yaotome Gaku / Kujou Ten / Tsunashi Ryuunosuke / Yuki / Momo /

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