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The biggest seller in 2013 is “Attack on Titan”. The original is a comic written by Hajime Isayama and made into anime, game, novel and live-action film. Cumulative sales are more than 30 million books. It is a long seller including fresh publication. Theme song of anime became a huge hit and the singer Linked Horizon had a great accomplishment in performing at Kōhaku Uta Gassen (Red and White Song Battle; only the most successful singing acts in the Japanese entertainment industry can perform). As an aside, Isayama-sensei handed out his slush to various editorial offices for debut (“Attack on Titan” is serialized in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine). There is Shueisha Inc. among those offices. So if Attack o Titan was serialized in comic magazine of Shueisha, it might have been different. I would have to say Koudansha’s editor in charge is great. Personally, I wondered if it is a baseball manga since “Star of the Giants” is a legendary comic which was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine but of course it is not!

In the human prosperous world, natural enemy “Titans” appeared suddenly. These Titans predaceous human. Titans munch human away in so many words. Human is in danger of extinction due to Titans. Survived human secured living is inside walls built triply and had a peaceful living for 100 years being frightened by the shadow of Titans. The protagonist Eren lived with parents and Mikasa, a friend from childhood, in Shiganshina district; southern edge of “Wall Maria”. A super huge Titan, who has the height higher than the wall, descended on the area. Shiganshina district has been conquered in a moment and Eren’s mother was eaten by a Titan in front of them. Eren vows revenge against Titan and joined a trainee solder team with Mikasa and a friend Armin... . This is the story protagonist side fights against unknown enemy Titans on the backfoot.
Titans are spooky. It is like a human phantom... . I wondered if Titans have facial appearance but I would dream about it if Titan put a grim with those eyes to me. Titans are too tough. Even their head are shoot off, the wound is regenerated in a few minutes... . They have a weak point. It is nape of the neck. So, only trained solders can defeat Titans. Usually, enemy gets stronger after defeated by protagonist but in this story, there is huge power discrepancy and there are many mysteries. How to attack those mysteries? Many people get into the story being opened little by little.
In anime, finally we can watch moving Vertical Maneuvering Equipment (equipment for fighting against Titans)! I was excited about its movement more dynamic than I expected when I watch it in a promotional film. I got my fill of the movie in the main story. Since the scene is depicted from character’s view point, I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when they pass between buildings. Characters’ moving in the air dynamically is must-see.

My favorite character is Mikasa. She precipitates actively as if she is a protagonist. It is cool and one of the reason I like her. I thought she is a cool cat but when I knew the reason why she stays together with Eren and wears the red scarf, I thought she is girlish (don’t take this the wrong way) or her impression was changed. It takes more time and efforts before the world becomes peaceful at where she can live as a normal girl... . I cannot imagine where she is and what she does in a final episode. But I want her to be happy.

Since DVD of anime became a big seller, please make second season and I want to see the scene Mikasa apologizes. Yes, many fans are waiting for second season of anime! Since the original has not completed, finding common ground might be difficult... . I would like to spend the time staring at a screen forgetting about breathing again. Yes, our fight is just the beginning!

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