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D.Gray-man is the most beautiful dark fantasy in history of Weekly Shonen Jump. In this story, people called “Exorcists” who have super natural powers fight against monsters called “Akuma”.

The story is set in imaginary 19th century Europe. At there a person called The Millennium Earl actives behind the scenes to destroy all civilization and world by creating a weapon called “AKUMA” out of “machine”, “soul” and “tragedy”. To fight back against “AKUMA”, god created a crystal called Innocence which is the only mean to destroy AKUMA and gave countermeasure to human.
Innocence choses its owner and the chosen person called “Exorcists” who fight to destroy “AKUMA” and “The Millennium Earl”. Allen Walker, the central character of this story, is the boy who was chosen by Innocence and written to fight against “AKUMA”. Even though he was chosen by Innocence, his left eye is cursed by “AKUMA” and he can see the soul of person who was used to create “AKUMA”. At the beginning of the story, he was not official “Exorcists”. He knew he can be a “Exorcists” by belonging to military arm of Vatican, which was established to fight against AKUMA. Allen became “Exorcists” in one piece grows spiritually through meeting Kanda Yuu, Lavi and Lenalee Lee they also belong to Black Order and knowing the importance of peers and loneliness of “Exorcists” whose life has been changed due to being chosen by Innocence.
The Millennium Earl meets Allen Walker “again” and executes a plan to kill off “Exorcists”.

One of the attractions I am most fascinated is “the beauty of white and black”. I read this comic from the beginning when this story was being published in serial form and I often wondered “How the author can draw such a beautiful drawing even though it is being published weekly?”. All of Characters, back ground and drawing style are beautiful and I still cannot be able to believe the author can draw these high quality drawings in a week!
Most of characters have horrible past due to Innocence or “AKUMA”. That makes more attractive those characters deal with their past and grow through fight! My favorite character Allen often sends his sympathies and understand the person who is used to create “AKUMA” since he can see the soul of “AKUMA” which he has to defeat. Allen’s attitude that he hopes to help them and fights attracts not only characters in the story but the readers of this comic!!

This is being published in serial form in JUMP SQUARE and the story is going on. You will like the interpretation of the world which is fragile and original! If you read more, you want to know more what will happen in the next episode. Please check it!

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