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jojo4.png (σ`д´)σJojo Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable is one of the stories focusing on ‘everyday’ aspect, among all the series of Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)!

Unlike sturdy-warrior-characters who appeared in the former stories, this one shows more like ‘characters who had normal and peaceful lives’.
It’s about the story where such characters happened to have superpowers one day and get involved in battles!

And what’s more? With such a storyline, there are more unique and attractive characters than the former series! That’s the biggest charm of this story!

The former stories of Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) has a strong image of ‘a battle-manga where they always try to have risky training and even fight against their enemies with their fellows, in order to defeat evil’

! In the middle of the story, more characters start having ‘Stand’ (superpower with which they can embody their alter ego), which established the image of JOJO=Stand in Season 3. That image ended up being taken over to Season 4 as well


m9(`・ω・´)っ But!!! Here is what is different from the former stories!!

・The stage of this story is in a city in Japan.

Speaking of JOJO, we have a common image of characters having a long journey to confront their enemies. However, the stage of this story is in an imaginary town called ‘Moriouchou’. Since their purpose is to solve strange incidents occurred in that town, trying to ascertain the causes, they rarely encounter risky battles, much less, having a journey! That makes this story more popular with more gag developments than other JOJO series, with more familiarity to the characters!

・The characters are not warriors or gangs!

What’s the image of JOJO? Yes, it’s battlesっ`Д´)! Sturdy warriors develop risky Stand battles to save the world!!! ... But that is a characteristic of the former JOJO. This story, on the other hand, includes characters which happen to have Stand one day in a peaceful town, such as high school students, cartoonists, musicians, businessmen, chefs, cats and beauticians. Yes, they’re far from sturdy warriors. Since they are individuals, they think and act differently! Some willingly try to cause trouble, so you’ll see how busy their everyday lives are!!!

・There are many Stand that are not suitable for battles!

m9っ`Д´) This is it! This! The biggest charm of Season 4 of JOJO is ‘a fierce battle between unique Stand characters’! Even though most characters in the former JOJO stories had superpowers which were specialized with battle, the ones in Season 4 have a little different abilities such as ‘being good at finding things people have lost’, ‘being able to let hair grow freely’ or ‘being able to make people lock up in certain places’... There’s no way hand-to-hand combats can be described with such characters, right?

(σゝ∀・)σ With such weird abilities, strange incidents occurred in the town! Actually, the main character, Higashikata Jyosuke, is one of the Stand who is not good at fighting battles... but he overcomes various difficulties with his inherent sense of justice and cleverness!

Unlike the former JOJO stories, this one doesn’t require much knowledge that you should know beforehand, it might be smart for you to get to know this one first! Check out this anime!

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