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B-Project is an idol project produced by a Japanese musician Nishikawa Takanori (T.M. Revolution)

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Kitakado Tomohisa / Korekuni Ryuuji / Kaneshiro Goushi / Ashuu Yuuta / Aizome Kento / Masunaga Kazuna / Onzai Momotarou / Osari Hikaru / Nome Tatsuhiro / Sekimura Mikado /

For the time being, there are only CDs and animation, but a game application on smart phone will be created.

I would like to introduce the animation B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious.

The heroin, Sumisora Tsubasa is a woman who works in a huge record company thanks to her talent. As soon as she starts working, she is appointed to take charge of an idol unit, “B-Project”.

There are three idol units in “B-Project”; “Kitakore”, “THRIVE” and “MooNs”.

What will happen to Tsubasa, who is a new comer and has to take charge of three groups all of the sudden…?

In the animation, the members and Tsubasa work together and grow up through working.

The characteristic of this animation is that nevertheless cool boys who are new idols appear, there are no love stories, but they work seriously.

The story mainly starts from a problem in working as idol, and the members fight against the problem. Otherwise, the idols fight against problems in their families, their illnesses, or their troubles inside their hearts.

I think the most attractive point of this story is that it describes in detail the relationship among members!

The members have a strong relationship because they have had lessons since they were little. Those members are described to support each other, so your heart will be warm.

Furthermore, there are 3 units which belong to “B-Project”, so their relationship as friends and rivals is interesting to see.

I especially love the 7th story of the animation. The story is that a member put himself in danger for another member who has a disease. I didn’t expect it, but I was moved and cried.

Maybe you will be surprised to cry with an idol animation, but it is not only moving stories!

For example, an otaku of animation screams to have lost his favorite key holder. There are gag factors in every story.

B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious has laughter, tears and brilliant idols! Please check it out.

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/ Moons / Kitakore / Nome Tatsuhiro / Ashuu Yuuta / Ousari Hikaru / Thrive / Sekimura Mikado / Aizome Kento / Kitakado Tomohisa / Masunaga Kazuna / Korekuni Ryuuji / Kaneshiro Goushi / Onzai Momotarou /

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