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Tales of Vesperia

Tales of Vesperia's story progresses in a world called Terca Lumirace as the setting with the main character Yuri Lowell and his friends at its core.

One day, a blastia core, made with an ancient technique, is stolen from the commercial district of Zaphias.
Blastia is something necessary for life, and Yuri ends up pursuing the offender in order to regain it.
With that incident as the start, Yuri meats the young girl Estelle who is looking for his close friend Flynn , and the two of them depart on a journey.

During the journey, Yuri meets many character such as the genius magician Rita and cunning Raven . He reunites with Flynn, and gradually gets involved in a world-wide crisis. This story's focal point is the relationship between Yuri and Flynn, who are light and shadow. As a knight, Flynn saves people while Yuri is capable of killing in order to save someone. However, Flynn is stuck being a knight, and Yuri has lived alone for a long timehe tries to solve everything within himself.

Also, the story depicts how Estelle grows up as she was previously oblivious the external world.
Because of a certain incident, she even contemplates killing herself, but her friends save her. I like it that this character, who used to be locked up inside as a princess made earns what she has to do.

The worldview and characters are attractive, so I would highly recommend.

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