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Pokemon is world’s best-known “caring and opposing-type RPG game”.
This is very popular game and was sold more than 230 million. Not only the game but also the anime and movie are broadcast all over the world.

Central character left the town of his birth and breaks cases happen here and there!
There are more than 700 Pokemon which becomes your buddy. The latest game “Pokemon X and Y” is due to be released on October 2013! The most popular character among Pokemon are Pikachu and Eevee! Since Pikachu plays outstandingly in anime and movie, Pikachu is popular in the world too. In Japan, goods of Eevee and its evolutionally-advanced monsters such as Sylveon, Glaceon, Flareon are popular too! They are not only cute but also high-performance in the game. Therefore, there are many goods of them.
I like Espeon & Umbreon especially! I like Flareon too which is fluffy but Espeon & Umbreon are the Pokemon which I accompanied when I beat the game. Therefore, these characters hold a lot of memories for me!

Among human characters, twin trainer Ingo and Emmet called "Subway Master", in Pokemon Black and White, childhood friend Cheren and rival N (Pokemon) are popular! N (Pokemon) is a key person of the story, who has distinct philosophy and strong will power. When I played this game, I knew his mysterious aura and his past which is revealed in the end, which made me like him more! He appears in its sequel Pokemon Black2 and White2 and anime too. His popularity rivals or surpasses Ingo and Emmet!!

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