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“Persona 4” is a video game published by Atlus (currently Index) in 2008. Because of the popularity, TV anime has aired for two seasons in 2011, and collaborated with many companies and industries. (`・ω・´)=3 “Persona 4” keeps style of “Persona 3” like stylishness, but its atmosphere and design has been shifted to more pop and graphic. So the door is more widely opened and its taste is exactly recreated in anime. (* `・ω・´)

Depthful story is the best part of “Persona 4”, I think. Two parts consist on the story. Main part is about mystery chasing serial killers and battles in parallel universe, and other part is about daily life of youth. Mystery and drama of main part and characters’ friendship of daily part made me excited, amazed, and impressed all the time. (´v`)=3 I felt a sense of immersion so much and was intoxicated with daily part, because the story is consisted on chained events!!

There are many attractive characters but my favorite character is Yu Narukami. I push him! He is a protagonist (video game version, he is just a character, no name). Basically he is cool and calm, but sometimes he’s kind of goofy, feeds other’s lines, and says something ridiculous. However, Narukami shows us his protagonist side such as warm-heart and leadership. (´v`)=3 So these unexpected behaviors make players have fun. I simply soaked up his attraction and kept watching him. He, is a very attractive man, I felt. (* `・ω・´)=3

To finish all the “Persona 4” series including two seasons anime, there is a long way to go because this game is a speedrun game. But, you won’t be bored during playing or watching it. You’ll get excited and impressed. So if you want to play and be immersed in a game, this is it. Or, you could be tired if you’ll keep playing too much since the calorific value of this game is very high. (;^_^) Okay, take back what I said, maybe this is also good if you play little by little!! By the way, there is no story connection between “Persona 3” and “Persona 4”, however, the setting is in the same parallel universe. So, sometimes you will find related items. (´v`)=3 Nothing affects you if you don’t know about “Persona 3” but if you know it, you’ll smile Enjoy “Persona 3” first and then play “Persona 4”, how about this??

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