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Inazuma Eleven
Endou / Gouenji / Kidou / Fubuki / Kiyama / Kazemaru / Fudou

Inazuma Eleven GO
Tenma.png / Tsurugi / Shindou / Kirino / Kariya / Shuu / Hakuryuu

“Inazuma Eleven” is a role-playing soccer video game and then adopted into anime and manga. The story is about soccer and Mamoru Endo who is a protagonist of this story and soccer lover. He and other soccer boys gather and play soccer games… “Inazuma Eleven” describes not only soccer games, but also relationships between Mamoru and his team mates and opponents who have some complications or are impactful characteristics!!

The bond among characters in “Inazuma Eleven”caught my heart. (´v`)=3 It is said that in sports manga or anime, the bond among characters is a typical story line, however, “Inazuma Eleven” draws a clear line from others. I felt something like “combinations” for showing the bond of characters fascinated. (* `・ω・´) You’ll see scenes they work together with some of team mates and move forward many times when characters solve problems, overcome barriers, and even face to new techniques. Then, you will know fine balanced combinations of specific characters are necessary. (´v`)=3

Every character tries to improve by learning from others and among them, my favorite one is Endo, of course. (`・ω・´)=3 He is really like a protagonist because he is simply dedicated to soccer and never gives up and always thinks of others. I was drawn into Endo naturally because I focused on the bond of characters. Endo encourages and helps a lot of characters, plus, he is insensitive to love. That part was attracted to me. (;^_^)

“Inazuma Eleven” is a sports manga and anime which themes and emphasizes the bond and relationships among characters. So I highly recommend people who really like enthusiasm and friendships. (`・ω・´)=3 And just so you know, anime story follows original video game story line, so you can enjoy whichever you start with !!

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