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/ Nakajima Atsushi / Dazai Osamu / Kunikida Doppo / Edogawa Ranpo / Tanizaki Junichiro / Miyazawa Kenji / Yosano Akiko / Izumi Kyoka /

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Bungou Stray Dogs is a Japanese anime series which started televising in April 2016! As you can see the word ‘Bungou’ (‘a great historical writer’ in Japanese) in the title, you’ll see so many characters whose models are great writers who have actually existed in the past. Therefore, some of you might think they cannot enjoy this anime unless they know the original stories about such Japanese writers or literature... (´・ω・) But nope! That’s not it! You don’t have to worry about anything like that! Bungou Stray Dogs is a superpower battle anime, which anybody can easily enjoy!

What’s the attraction of Bungou Stray Dogs? That’s all the characters appearing this anime being so individual and charming! I really don’t know about all the famous literary authors who became the models of the characters though.... (´・ω・) But still, we are able to enjoy various scenes such as funny conversations among such attractive characters or such thrilling battles. Now, let me introduce an outline of Bungou Stray Dogs! (*・ω・)ノ

( =ω=) Bungou Stray Dogs is awesome

The main character, Nakajima Atsushi-Kun, was at a loss after being kicked out from the orphanage all the sudden, where a weird looking man showed up in front of him from the river (I mean he was rather carried along by the current of the river?).

The man’s name is Dazai Osamu. Dazai-San was one of the members of Armed Detective Company, where individuals who are gifted with super natural powers get together and solve mysteries or tricky incidents. This encounter with Dazai-San ends up making Atsushi-Kun become a member of Armed Detective Company, being involved with various incidents.....

In fact, Atsushi-Kun has a special ability which can transform into a tiger and fight with enemies. But at the beginning, he couldn’t accept himself transforming into a fierce tiger. (He doesn’t even have a memory when he was transforming into a tiger in the first place...) ヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ

But Atsushi-Kun finally started to change himself as he solved incidents, cooperating with Dazai-San or other members of Armed Detective Company. At first, only thing that Atsushi-Kun could do was to be with the members getting involved with incidents. But the members started to accept him, despite that his special ability, which can transform into a tiger, causes various incidents. Atsushi-Kun, who had tried to stay away from others because of their abusive words; “You make everybody unhappy just by being with us”, decided to stay with the members with his own will. He ends up being able to save and help others with his ability! o(^▽^)o

Atsushi-Kun is truly considerate and cannot help but give a hand when he sees someone who is suffering. He always thinks that he wants to help as many people as possible. But... (°A°`) The reality is that he is not able to help everybody who is in need. He is indeed a kind person, which sometimes makes him suffer himself. But he keeps growing both mentally and physically, facing difficulties. I always feel like cheering up such an honest and hardworking Atsushi-Kun!

Lastly, I’ll share one of my favorite scenes in Bungou Stray Dogs with you! This is a scene from the volume 9th of the comics, where Atsushi-Kun and his rival, Akutagawa (Yatsugare-San), fought against each other. (※Since Akutagawa-San calls himself ‘Yatsugare’ [the old way of calling himself], some Japanese fans call him that nickname, “Yatsugare-San”!)

Akutagawa-San used to be a terrifying enemy for the members of Armed Detective Company or Atsushi-Kun. Especially for Atsushi-Kun, he was a hateful enemy, who hurt his buddies or even never hesitated to kill people... But actually, in Akutagawa-San’s mind, he had such a strong thought that he wanted to be recognized by his former boss, Dazai-San. Knowing such mind in him, Atsushi-Kun said Akutagawa-San,

(*^o^*) I love this scene! The scene where the former enemies, Atsushi-Kun and Akutagawa-San were confronting their common enemy excited me a lot! Even though I don’t think these two can ever reconcile completely (Especially because Akutagawa-San has already hurt so many people)... I felt that scene showed us the moment when their relationship was surely changed and they went on to the next step! ((((o゚▽゚)o))) I always feel thrilled to see them since Atsushi-Kun, who is usually calm and kind, exposes his mean anger toward Akutagawa-San. Even though this scene hasn’t been animated yet (at least at this moment when I’m actually writing this article), I’d really like to see this scene in anime soon!

Refine by Characters
/ Dazai Osamu / Nakajima Atsushi / Akutagawa Ryuunosuke / Kunikida Doppo / Edogawa Ranpo / Nakahara Chuuya / Tanizaki Junichiro / Miyazawa Kenji / Yosano Akiko / Fukuzawa Yukichi / Izumi Kyoka /

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