SERVAMP (サーヴァンプ)

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The main character Shirota Mahiru is a 1-year high school student boy.

One day, he finds a black cat on a street, and starts having the cat, naming him “Kuro”. However, after coming back home from school, he finds someone he doesn’t know in his room with curtains closed. Actually, the Kuro is not a normal cat but a vampire called SERVAMP!!

SERVAMP is a “servant vampire” that contracts with a human being to get the person’s blood, while listens to the person’s order.

Under the sunshine, each of them transforms into an animal, and they become vampires where the sunshine doesn’t exist.

SERVAMP has seven persons representing “Sloth”, “Pride”, “Envy”, “Anger”, “Greed”, “Gluttony” and “Lust”.

Kuro is a true ancestor of “Sloth” and a vampire lazily staying at home all day long.

Mahiru gets surprised at the Kuro’s reality, but he is going to a town holding Kuro to meet up with his friend. At the place they go, the friend is attacked by a vampire. To save his friend, Mahiru decides to contract with Kuro and be into the relationship of master and servant.

After that, Mahiru is going to get involved in the vampires’ battles and fight with them…?

The story describing battles between humans and vampires is the anime SERVAMP.

When I got to know that this is ‘a vampire anime’, I was not interested in this much. However, I am into its world once I saw the first episode of this anime.

First of all, the gap between the tense battle scenes and the daily scenes is very interesting!

For example, in the anime, Kuro is eating a cup ramen and potato chips.
Since the Kuro is too lazy, Mahiru touches Kuro with a vacuum cleaner, where you can see their daily life described well.

You will definitely laugh at their rapid comedy conversation. Also, isn’t it quite original and funny that the vampire eats junk foods instead of human blood?

By the way, in the first episode of this anime, there is a scene that Mahiru is trying to save his friend who is about to be attacked by a vampire by jumping to the front of the enemy vampire.

The invulnerable vampire and the living human beings…Of course, the human power cannot defeat vampires at all. At that time, Kuro tries to fight to help Mahiru.

However, Kuro doesn’t have enough power because he rarely takes blood for a long time. And, Mahiru shows his arm to get Kuro to suck his blood.

Mahiru trying to go against the enemy straight is so cool! Kuro trying to protect Mahiru is also so cool!
When I saw this scene, I was sure that they would become a perfect combination….!

You guys, please have a look at this anime!!!

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