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When I acquire new information about “Fate” series, I always think such an enduring series is rare. Originally, Fate was a debut work of a circle called “TYPE-MOON” established by Takashi Takeuchi and Kinoko Nasu, who developed doujin game “Tsukihime”. Fate was released as an adult game for Windows and became a big hit. In 2005, fan disc “Fate/hollow ataraxia”, which contains element of sequel, was released. From January 2006, much-anticipated “Fate/stay night” was made into anime with a focus on the story of a heroine Saber. In 2010, another rout story was made into theatrical anime. In 2011, prequel “Fate/Zero” was made into anime and finally, “Fate/stay night” will be made into anime gain in fall 2014 as a new series. There are more such as spin-off “Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya” which stars the characters of Illya (Lolita Buruma) and “Fate/EXTRA” series which depicts Holy Grail War as a separate story. I think “Fate” can be developed widely with keeping amusingness with poise because building block of “Fate” is steady.

The story is set in a Japanese local city “Fuyuki-city”. A protagonist Shirou Emiya learned magic but wasn’t able to cultivate his skill and lived as half-baked wizard. He got involved in war of “Holy Grail”, which grant any wishes, since he made a contract with Saber, who is one of a servant (spirits of war dead who fight when they are summoned).
In the game, the rout to capture heroine’s heart is fixed and each character’s role changes with that. For example, a friend betrays you and a character breaks cover. It takes long before being through all routs but never give up. Those have been made into anime are “Fate” called “Saber rout” and “Unlimited Blade Works” called “Rin Tohsaka rout”. “Heaven's Feel” called “Sakura Matou rout” has not been made into anime yet but being involved in the building block of the story. So I couldn’t help expecting from new anime!

There are characters of great individuality and each of them has their own appeal. Suffice it to say that, Archer. Archer is arcual knight whose master is Rin. His trusting nature under cynic is good. He lectures and is good at all chores. When I see he fights in tandem with master Rin, I think they are the best couple. But his setting is shocking. So I would like you to experience “Unlimited Blade Works”! I felt as if it is not Rin rout but Archer rout!

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