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/ Uzumaki Naruto / Uchiha Sasuke / Haruno Sakura / Hatake Kakashi / Umino Iruka / Uchiha Itachi / Namikaze Minato / Gaara / Sai /

Speaking of Ninja.... Nintama Rantaro? Ninja Hattori-kun? NINJA SLAYER? Nope! It’s NARUTO(`∇´ミ)!!!

In 2014, manga NARUTO was over after 15 years of series in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. Guess what? It had 700 episodes and 72 volumes in total(°ω° )!!! Congratulations on conclusion of NARUTO(^▽^)!!! And thank you, NARUTO(=^0^=)!!!

NARUTO is a story in which a dropout Ninja, Uzumaki Naruto, grows, overcoming various trials with his buddies, aiming at the most famous Ninja in town, Hokage. In Season 1 (A boy-version), Naruto and his rival,Sasuke, grow as Ninjya together, based on their friendship. In Season 2 (A youth-version), the story develops to the historical and mythical battle that relates with the beginning of the Ninja world, with various speculations such as a mysterious organization “Akatsuki” or Ninja’s five big countries. Even though the story develops to the magnificent way, Naruto never gives up ‘becoming Hokage’!!! People in town, who used to persecute Naruto , started recognizing him because his serious attitude influenced others and even started having his buddies. (^O^)

  Speaking of NARUTO, we have to say the way he fights in battle. He’s so cool(*゚▽゚*)!!!All his techniques such as flashy Rasengan, Yose-Kemono, battle of Bijyuu, classical form of martial art and paired karate kata, are so powerful that they were just like videos even though it’s just manga!!! It’s so lively and fantastic even if we watch its anime too! Such a battle action!!! (っ・ω)つ)゜д゜)つ)゜◇゜) 

So many characters are attractive too!!! Unique characters with various struggles take active roles with Naruto ...! Some of them even take a great role through a long story so we can watch them grow along with the main character, Naruto (*´ω`*) Not only Naruto ’s buddies but the teachers or enemies are also attractive. I like Naruto and his buddies’ teacher, Kakashi Sensei a lot!!! He looks just like a carefree man but has such a passionate Ninja mind inside of him. It’s very impressive to see him trying to protect his enemies’ prides other than his buddies.....!!!! He also has his worries or pitifulness from the past. That’s one of his charms as well! Check out more of his past stories from “Kakashi Gaiden Senjo no Boys Life=” (´∀`)!!!

NARUTO is not only the rule of the right boys manga and battle manga but the author, Kishimoto-sensei says that also includes “the way that regular boys manga don’t do”. That’s the way that Naruto lives, in which he tries to solve the problem through conversation and forgiveness, instead of fighting with each other. There are some characters which die in battle. (ノД`)・゜・。 Naruto tries to keep going by thinking why that happens and understanding and reconciling toward the hatred and sadness. There are always key words, “Friendship, Effort, Victory” in boys manga but NARUTO is kind of beyond that regular boys manga since winning is not the only important thing in NARUTO.

If you don’t get what I just said, maybe you didn’t read the story until the end, right??? I bet there are so many people who couldn’t finish reading everything since it’s a long story. I, too, finished in the middle when I read about “Rasenmaru!” and “Chidori!” with the impression like OMG! (^_^;)。。Plus, I couldn’t read it anymore since I just couldn’t accept the fact that NARUTO was over. It’s been around me for almost ten years since I was an elementary school. I’m so sad about it... But I actually read it all because I really wanted to watch the movie “THE LAST”!!! And I thought it was so interesting(◎´▽`)ノ♪!!!

What are Naruto and Sasuke going to be like? Who are going to be with who|д・)? Is that character still alive?! You can read a whole thing at a time or you can also read it a little here and there. With this opportunity of conclusion, why don’t you get into the world of NARUTO?

And, NARUTO is not gonna end yet!!! It’s gonna connect to his son’s story, BORUTO too!!! ヾ(*・ω・)ノ゜+.゜★yay☆゜+.゜ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

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