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When I watched “Kateikyoshi Hitman Reborn” first time, I thought Reborn’s voice was very unique. Reborn is a partner of the main character, Tunayoshi Sawada (nick name: Tsuna). Also, I felt strange because every single time when the main character comes to himself, he exposes his underwear. Since then I started to look into this animation. “Reborn” is a serialized comic in Shonen Jump Magazine written by Akira Amano. It is also televised. At the beginning of the series, the setting had a taste of gag: a tutor is an overtalk baby and a main character stripped when he came to himself. As the story went further, it became an element of battle.

A main character, Tsunayoshi Sawada, he is no good at sport or academic. A mysterious baby, names himself as Hitman (killer) Reborn appeared. A goal for Reborn is to raise Tuna as a tenth boss of Vongola- Italian mafia family. Using ”Deathperate Bullet”, passed down to the Vongola family, the educational training of making up Tuna as a boss of mafia started. Unique characters gathered around Tuna. He cooperated with followers and fought against enemy. He got to develop himself as a boss of Vongola family.
The story itself is not bloody fight among mafia. Main story line used “Deathperate Bullet” and Vongola ring as tools for fighting, so everybody will enjoy this animation. It is a side story though, when the Vongola ring was released, I wanted to buy all of them for their cool design.
When original manga was animated, main characters were voiced new faces or actors in the theatrical plays; I had no idea of their voice. But it was not a problem at all. Especially Neeko voiced Reborn; I was so amazed how staff found this voice actor.
The male characters are so cool; so many female fans follow this manga. At the first time, Tsuyoshi was called “ No-Good Tuna”, but after he started using X-glove, I guess he became nicer and nicer. And the greatest thing should be after 10years. My favorite episode is future version. Unfortunately Tsuna doesn’t appear so many ten years after, but his side face was so good.

The future episode is about the story: ten years after, Tsuna might be dead blown to the future running after Reborn who was shot and erased by bazooka, newly emerging mafia Millefiore family led by Byakuran targeting Tsuna’s followers, and seeking a clue to returning to ten years before.
The attractive point is appearing major characters ten years later. Needless to say Gokudera and Hibari, Yamamoto who is almost involved in fighting, all of them are real mafia enough. I was wondering he wanted to be professional baseball player and didn’t be with Tsuna, but he was there. Sorry for my misunderstanding.

Normally, people like Hibari and Mukuro, but I would like to recommend Yamamoto. Ymamoto is the same grade as Tsuna and he was playing baseball. He has nothing to do with mafia. Reborn highly evaluated Yamamoto’s physical and communication ability. As a result, Yamamoto got to be involved in the situation. Because of that, Yamamoto turned around his thought against enemy, even though he just half played with his enemy at the beginning. Especially at the future version, he has an opportunity to know himself a person who is a conservative side. Although the animation version omits that his injury of his arm, there was an unexpected episode, when he broke his arm, he gave up becoming a professional baseball player and almost gave up his own life. Tsuna, who came to himself with “Deathperate Bullet”, saved Yamamoto. Yamamoto realized Tsuna’s help, so he paid back Tsuna, I guess. I hope Yamamoto’s popularity will goes up for his good nature.

However, why Mukuro, who is proud of one of the best popularity, sang characters’ song in samba, still I have not figured it out until now even the story has completed.

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