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Onoda Sakamichi / Makishima Yusuke / Midousuji Akira / Arakita Yasutomo / Toudou Jinpachi / Shinakai Hayato / Imaizumi Syunsuke / Naruko Syokichi / Fukutomi Jyuichi / Manami Sangaku / Kinjo Shingo / Tadokoro Jin / Izumida Touichirou /

The main character, Onoda Sakamichi, is so called, Otaku high school boy who loves anime.

Onoda Sakamichi is such a passionate anime lover Otaku, who goes to Akihabara for 90 km distance by bicycle every week since he was an elementary school student.

His dream is “to enjoy the anime world in Akihabara with his friends!!!!”

To make that dream come true, he was going to join the anime research club after he entered Souhoku high school.

Guess what? That anime research club was no longer in active since there were not enough members. w( ▼o▼ )w

One day, Imaizumi Shunsuke, who was going to join the bicycle race club, saw Onoda Sakamichi run on the hill whose slope angle was 20% by bicycle in the back of school.

It is usually so hard for anybody to climb up the hill whose slope angle is 20 % by bicycle but Onoda Sakamichi was actually doing it, even comfortably smiling and singing at the same time!!!!!

Seeing that, Imaizumi Shunsuke asked him to compete with him for the bicycle race in the condition that ‘he will join the anime research club’ if he wins.

But Onoda Sakamichi lost by a narrow margin.

A few days later, Onoda Sakamichi encountered Naruko Shoukichi in Akihabara, who moved from Osaka.

Onoda Sakamichi ended up joining the bicycle race club being influenced by those two people and realizing how enjoyable the bicycle race was!

Bicycle race is known for the sports in which anybody can improve their talents no matter how long they have experienced cycling and Onoda Sakamichi ended up opening his talent as a climber.

This is a story about the passionate bicycle road race between Souhoku High School (the members including Onoda Sakamichi, Imaizumi Shunsuke and Shoukichi Naruto) and its rival and also a champion high school, Hakonegakuen, Kyotofushimi High School!

Manga are drawn completely by hands and no screen tones (the sticker-type-materials that can be used in the background in manga) are used!!! Moreover, the author, Wataru Watanabe, actually rides a bicycle, so many scenes are described full of sense of speed! We can feel as if we were actually watching the real race!!!!!!!

Also, since the bicycle race is a group sports, the members run by bicycles, aiming at ‘letting their school jersey be No.1, by reaching a goal first’.

It’s really impressive to see them sacrifice themselves on behalf of their team. o(;△;)o
I cried so much too that I couldn’t see anything in front of me, reading Yowamushi Pedal... lol

Plus, since there are so many unique characters both in Souhoku High School and its rival and champion school, Hakonegakuen Kyotofushimi High School, the relationship of each character is so interesting!!!!!!

The author of Yowamushi Pedal, Wataru Watanabe Sensei, is such a bicycle lover that he goes back to his hometown in Kyushu (a south part of Japan) every summer holiday and he’s even participated in the race several times!!!

I went to see his race before and I thought he was so nice that he took pictures with his fans or gave his autographs to his fans until the very moment that the race started! r(^ω^*)))

The autograph that I got from Sensei is my treasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Season 3 will start this year too!!!!!
It’s a story when Onoda Sakamichi has become a second grader!!!!

I’ve been following his originals and I’m sure Season 3 will be a great story as well!!!!!!!!!!
The characters’ figures where they grow or struggle after their Senpai (seniors) leave...

Especially, it’s really impressive when they race the mountain course on the first day of the interscholastic athletic meet!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sure your maternal instinct will be stimulated!

Let’s cry together, watching Yowamushi Pedal! Just laugh together!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s cheer them up!!!!!!!!

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