【Fall 2020 Anime】ALL Villains! This Is the BEST Part about Akudama Drive!

Hi guys! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!
The series, I’ll be featuring today is…… the most stylish among all the Fall 2020 Anime! And the SF fantasy, happening in the near-futuristic Japan……!!
The key Chara in the story are……!

【Fall 2020 Anime】ALL Villains!
Stylish × Near-Futuristic SF × Evil Aesthetics!
This Is the BEST Part about Akudama Drive!


What Is Akudama Drive?

It’s an original anime series, started to air since October 2020. The scenario is written by Kodaka Kazutaka and the characters are illustrated by Komatsuzaki Rui. They have first paired up when they worked on Danganronpa (Trigger Happy Hovoc.) and now they worked on producing the series whose subject is the “crime action.” (Some of the voice actors from Danganronpa are in charge of Akudama Drive as well.)
By the way, this has collaborated with another Fall Anime, Osomatsu-San too! Like this, Akudama Drive has collaborated with various series so check them out too!

Outline of Akudama Drive!

The story is set in the near-futuristic Japan!
Japan is divided into two parts; Kansai becomes a vassal state of Kantō……!

While it’s one country, Japan seemed to be divided into two parts. The parts, Kantō and Kansai, have developed individually but the story is set in the Kansai area, which became a vassal state of Kantō…… Incredible…… This reminds me of Blade Runner……!

The main protagonist is…… a girl who did a dine and dash!?

One day, a girl helps a cat who almost got hit by a car.
After that, she goes to Takoyaki (octopus dumplings) place and orders some Takoyaki, when she sees a boy, who orders some Takoyaki too, drop his money.
“The dropped money has bad luck.”
She tries to give that to him, but then the boy leaves, without getting the money……
Unfortunately, that Takoyaki place doesn’t take the electronic money.
The owner of the Takoyaki place orders her to pay with cash. Knowing that she can pay with the money that the boy dropped……
She refuses to pay.
“I have to give this money to him……!”
She is reported to the police right away and ends up becoming the “criminal,” because of that one coin, “Akudama.”

All the “Akudama” throughout Kansai start to get together……!

While she is taken to the police, more and more “Akudama” members start to get together around that area……!
The boy, who dropped the money at the Takoyaki place, is a “Courier,” with 745-year sentence.
Another man is a “Brawler,” with 348-year sentence,
then the “Hacker” with 589-year sentence……!
The scene, where these characters were introduced like this, was just like Danganronpa, which excited me a lot! These pictures might not be enough for you to know how good this scene is but the animation was actually super stylish and cool!

Today at the police station, the “Cutthroat” was scheduled to be executed.
“Akudama” members get a mission to recapture him……
How much will they get paid for that……?

The reason why the “Akudama” members get together is…… The pay is 100 million yen (≒$963,892.60)!
If they can recapture the Cutthroat, who is going to be executed from the police station that day, they can get paid. All the skillful “Akudama” members now aim for that, kicking the police or invading there in a very smart way……!

Meanwhile…… The girl, who did ‘dine and dash,’ is……?

Meanwhile, the girl, who did dine and dash, has been interrogated at the police station.
The police wonder why she didn’t pay even though she had money with her hand. She refused to pay because she really wanted to give that money to the boy but……
The police station is now completely being attacked by tons of “Akudama” members.
All the “Akudama” members, realizing everybody there is the Akudama, the police station becomes a powder keg……!
Since everybody wants a big money, they are busy kicking each other out of their position……!
The girl of dine and dash catches a cat in the middle of all the “Akudama” members.

The girl of dine and dash is now promoted to…… The “Swindler”!?

All the “Akudama” members surround the girl.
They all (including the boy she knows) are trying to kill the girl, thinking that the normal people (who are not the Akudama) and the eyewitnesses should be killed but……
The girl tells a lie all of a sudden.
“I’m the Swindler!”
However, the Hacker boy denies it, saying that the Swindler isn’t listed in the “Akudama” list.
“Yep, I know it isn’t…… because I cheated the list so it won’t show!”
Unexpectedly, all the “Akudama” members just believe what she says.
The “Swindler girl” is actually worried because everybody is easily being deceived by a lie she made just because she didn’t want to die.
Hitting it off somehow, they all are heading for the place of execution through the elevator, leading them to the basement.
There is the Hoodlum with them somehow (he just joined them) and now they’re in the basement……

The Execution Conducted in the Basement!
What sentence will the Cutthroat be given……!?

When they finally get to the place of execution in the basement, they are about to start to execute the “Cutthroat”……!
The Kansai police caught the “Cutthroat” with dignity.
They are about to execute him gorgeously…… They are too lax on security.
Of course, all the “Akadama” members stop it and try to save the “Cutthroat” so they can get the 100 million yen but……
The secret weapon in the police station intrudes there to get rid of the “Akadama” members!
Attacked all of a sudden, the “Akadama” members get into the desperate situation…… when they turn the table on, thanks to the “Swindler”’s wit!
And the motorbike of the Courier gets distorted and the secret weapon explodes, releasing some cool beams!
The “Swindler” girl just wanted to give the money to the boy…… but somehow, she ends up helping the “Akudama” members……
And the “Cutthroat” who was saved is…… with 967-year sentence!!

“Cutthroat” got freed from the police!
Now, WHO’s gonna get paid (100 million yen)……?

Actually, the Courier boy has another job, other than getting the 100 million yen reward.
That’s to deliver a package to the “Cutthroat.” The “Cutthroat,” who got the package, pleasantly opened the package and……
Guess what? He put all the collar-type bombs on the “Akudama” members.
Everybody thinks that they are the fake…… when the police, who’s got the same bomb on his neck, gets blown off right away.
All the “Akudama” members are now panicked…… Then……!!
The cat, whom the “Swindler” girl has saved, starts to speak……!
It looks like the cat is a robot and his purpose is to save the Cutthroat and put the small bombs on every member of the “Akudama.” (By the way, look at the Cutthroat, he has the one on his neck too.)
The “Akudama” members all get mad, saying they’ve got deceived. However, they also find out that each member has got paid 100 million yen from the black cat……! The black cat says that the collar-bomb is just like the “insurance” and everybody has “passed” the text. And the cat still wants all of them to move forwards and complete another mission.
For the next mission, they will get “1000 million yen.”
The mission is…… to attack the only public transportation between Kantō and Kansai, a “bullet train.”
However, the “bullet train” is a symbol of peoples’ “belief,” and nobody has succeeded in attacking it. Yes, it’s literally, the highest –level “impossible” mission to achieve……!
The cat robot……!!
In Danganronpa, the bear-shape robot was leading the super high school students by the nose too but here in this story, it looks like the cat-shape robot will lead the Akudama members by the nose, huh……?
The best part about Akudama Drive is that they have a really nice pace! The action scenes are so beautiful too! It’s so easy to understand the storyline with a good pacing and action scenes, all perfectly created!
To me, it was an anime series, full of a sense of speed, just like its title, Akudama Drive! Since this is the original anime, we have no idea what’s gonna happen next, which is one of the attractions too!! Not only for Danganronpa lovers, those who love SF, fantasy, and crime actions will also love this series for sure! Check it out!
Check HERE for the Latest Anime Goods of Akudama Drive!!
Oki-doki! This is all for today! I’ll see you all at the next article! Bye~!

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