【Star Wars: Visions】7 Japanese anime production companies joined! Do you know each company’s masterpiece?

Hi everyone! I have been super busy with checking fall new anime that started airing in October! It’s Mafuyu from Goods Republic!
Today, I want to talk about interesting news about a buzz worthy anime. It is not a fall anime though. Here is a question! If you are asked about a Japanese anime production company, which company do you come up with first?

【Star Wars: Visions】
7 Japanese anime production companies joined!
Do you know each company’s masterpiece?

Recently, anime based on the world famous SF, Star Wars, Star Wars: Visions started streaming. Each episode of anime in it was produced by one of 7 Japanese anime production companies.
When you think of Japanese anime companies, which company do you come up with first? Some viewers do not pay attention to the production company when they watch anime, but every anime company has different features for character settings, drawings......etc. If you know about the companies, you can enjoy anime more!
This article will introduce the 7 anime companies that helped to produce Star Wars: Visions. Anime fans like you must watch/recognize some of their anime works!

Kamikaze Douga

Company motto is “Compromise means death”


The company hopes to create films to last 100 years.
They want to create dramas with universal values regardless of the time. Their company name is originated from their hope.

Science SARU INC

Saru means monkey in Japanese.
They want to become smarter than monkeys!
So they added “science” in front of Saru in hope to have instincts like animals and intelligence from science at the same time! That is the origin of their company name!

Geno Studio Inc.

The company name came from “Genocidal Organ.”
Which is an anime they took over the production from manglobe INC.


The company name means “Various colors” in Portuguese.


“If our works are the bullets, we want to be the trigger to spark the bullet” Their company name comes from this thought.

Production I.G, Inc.

The company name is from the initials of the two founders.
“I” from Mr. Ishikawa. “G” is from Mr. Goto.

The most famous Japanese anime production companies are STUDIO GHIBLI and Kyoto Animation Co., Ltd! Also, SHAFT INC is getting famous!
I am very curious about the works of the 7 anime companies for this anime compilation. I wonder what the world reviews think about it!
If you have watched Star Wars: Visions, please check the anime companies as well. You may find common points from their masterpieces and may be able to enjoy more!
Okay, I will see you in the next article!
Bye for now!

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